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by Burk

Being Unoffendable is a lifestyle. It means you can have a conversation and debate about any topic, not get offended, followed by being able to go out and have a beer while having a good time.

Show Hosts:

Mike Burkholder

Burkholder is a news writer to start, we would say heart but his hasn’t been found yet. He is the youngest person you will ever meet with a “YOU KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN SYNDROME” and often acts like a grumpy old man. Having a journalism background has propelled him to see through much of the rhetoric provided by our mainstream media. These three factors are what has been the catalyst for his skeptical view points and quick tongue. Don’t get on the wrong side of a debate with him, he is much smarter than you look!

Positives include:

  • Master of wine drinking
  • Dismisses stupidity with ease
  • Has a hard time making eye contact with women
  • Enjoys brisk early morning walks to make his nipples hard


James Pringle

Don’t let the fact that James is a banker and has a striking resemblance to Rich Uncle Moneybags from monopoly fool you. He is a quick witted screenplay writer with a taste for the dark side of humor. Being able to see the world through a Directors scope allows him to see comments coming almost like they were scripted. James will not only stand solid in any debate, he will also eviscerate his foes in the written word of a playwright to last eternity!

Positives Include:

  • A great designated driver
  • Excellent punctuation
  • Makes exact change with ease
  • Spends long evenings gaming with his virgin friends


Ken Turnage II

Turnage was born and raised in Antioch Ca., this is what has helped develop his jaded view of the human race. There are some people that he actually likes but in his opinion the human race is a disgrace. It’s this staunch perspective that fuels his satirical comments and harsh mindset of the criminals, cumulatively stupid, lazy, hypocrites, and self defilers. Being a person that has been affected by all the above, he holds nothing back when giving his opinions or smart ass comments.

Positives include

  • Self proclaimed BBQ Master
  • Can build a house from dirt to door knob
  • Excellent Fisherman
  • And has been featured in Rolling Stone Magazine