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Man Arrested in Green Bay for 16th Offense Operating while Intoxicated

by Kenny Turnage II

Here is a story where the laws are apparently not working when it comes to drinking and driving. Check it out from Green Bay.

Suspect Arrested in Green Bay for 16th Offense Operating while Intoxicated (OWI)

On January 8th at 12:36 AM Green Bay Police Officers responded to East Mason Street at Bader Street for a call of “Electrical Wires Down” and police were advised that a possible power line transformer had malfunctioned. However, witnesses on scene quickly reported to the officers that this incident involved a motor vehicle crash and the involved driver was injured. As a result of the crash, power was out to a large area around this location.

Officers and rescue arrived on scene to provide aid to the driver and quickly worked to ensure the safety of everyone due to the power lines being on the ground sparking which caused a severe safety hazard. Officers worked quickly to close down the surrounding streets and re-route traffic to ensure community safety and to process the crash scene.

While on scene, officers investigating the crash located the involved driver. The driver, identified as Wallace C. Bowers, a 74 year old Green Bay resident was arrested for Operating while Intoxicated 16th offense. He was taken into custody and booked at the Brown County jail.

Along with the OWI, officers will be recommending charges of resisting arrest to the Brown County District Attorney. Bowers was also given a citation for operating a motor vehicle without minimum insurance.

“I am frankly shocked that someone with fifteen prior OWI arrests is still driving,” said Police Chief Andrew Smith. “Drunk driving is an avoidable tragedy, one that kills too many innocent lives every year. We are committed to eliminate drunk driving in Green Bay through education and vigorous enforcement, and we need everyone to work together to solve this problem. Please, be the designated driver, use a taxi or ride share, or call for a safe ride through the Brown County Tavern League. We need to work together to make sure drunk driving stops in Green Bay.”

Source: https://local.nixle.com/alert/8463896/?fbclid=IwAR23Rgzm3UAATDFZMiOSrJEKEkOLpj6yHATcy8BQOPyw9-GaMSjm3znENKU

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