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Beer 52: Taco Truck Lager by Dust Bowl

by Kenny Turnage II
Dust Bowl

One of the great creations of man is beer. Barley based beer dates all the way back to the Sumerians. So, it would be easy to say beer has been helping ugly people have sex for over 5,000 years. Now that we have established the fact that beer is the number one wingman of all time, how do you go about selecting the best wingman for you?

Our goal in this weekly review, Beer 52, is to drink beer over the course of the year and offer up a review. We rarely will select mainstream beers, but hope to provide you with reviews of a beer you may have never tried—sorry Budweiser, Miller and Coors.

A few things first.

  1. I have to confess, I am biased and giving a positive review for a Pale Ale of any kind, will be very hard for me to do. So, for me it’s about Lager’s, Kolsch, Stouts, Wheat, Pilsner, Porter’s and other beers of these natures.
  2. Now if you’re the type of person that has your hair pulled back in some sort of man bun, bitch biscuit or twat knot and you’re looking for a review on some type of chocolate beer with pumpkin over tones now is the time to go ahead and go to your Cosmopolitan magazine and look for their reviews.
  3. When reviewing a beer or any other item here at the Unoffendable we will be using an Eagle Rating System. If its poor in quality it will be called an ill-eagle not recommended. Then we will go with a standard 1-5 Eagle Rating System.

Without further ado, lets get started.

Taco Truck Lager

The way we have come about selecting our beers for tasting and review is about as basic as it comes. Strolling the beer aisles in our favorite stores. As I walk through I look for certain things one most important is a theme to tie in to what I’m actually planning on doing. That’s the exact way this gem of a beer was found. It was a Tuesday night and what goes with the Tuesday’s better than tacos? So when I saw this six pack of Taco Truck beer, I looked at it as sign, I had to get it.

According to Dust Bowl Brewing:

This easy-drinking light lager has a nice mild character. Two-Row pale malt and the use of flaked oats and white wheat give the beer a clean, crisp character with a little sweetness, light body and smooth mouthfeel.  Very low bitterness.  Smooth and satisfying!

Taco Truck lager is made by Dustbowl Brewery founded in 2009 in Turlock, CA—this beer is also available year-round which is nice. They bring an exceptional blend to this beer that contains 4.7% alcohol so its light enough but yet has enough kick to where you can drink your six pack and not get overly full leaving plenty of room for your tacos, BBQ or just watching the games for a day.

Score: 3.5 / 5 Eagles

There is nothing about it that says it is required to be in my fridge, but if somebody shows up with a six pack under their arm they will be welcomed happily.

If you have a beer you would like for us to review please e-mail me at Kenny@theunoffendable.com

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