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Pringle: Hard to Defend Trump After Capital Overtaken

by James
This will my first official post on the idiocy that occurred in Washington DC on Wednesday and hopefully my last on the issue. It is as appalling and as disgusting as the rioting and looting that we saw this summer.
I don’t think it’s a secret about my conservative stance on things. I don’t think it’s a secret that I’ve been able to defend Donald Trump on most things.
The way Trump has handled his loss to Joe Biden is undefendable. For my conservative brothers and sisters who think the election was stolen, while there were things done improperly, we need to learn from Trump’s mistakes while trying to find a way to combat a dishonest media to make sure this never happens again. I believe that his errors and the media’s lies, specifically with Covid, are what ensured his downfall.
I don’t condone the actions of the people who are acting this way. It’s foolish, it’s ignorant and it makes us look like idiots. Donald Trump was the better choice for President than Biden. We all know that. But Trump shot himself in the foot too many times and while he did more for the black community than any recent President, he didn’t do enough maneuvering to make Pelosi et al, look bad and to endear himself to the people who were conditioned to despise him.
It’s scary to think that the Democrats have mostly unchecked power, which is probably fueling most of this rage, but we know that socialism has never worked and we need to use this time to find the better 2024 candidate instead of manufacturing ways in which this election was ‘stolen’.

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