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Kenny’s List: The 10 Worst Things About the 2020 NFL Season

by Kenny Turnage II

The year 2020, will go down in history as the year that echoed. Watching games on T.V. the sound was just different, sideline microphones picked the games true colorful language. Cardboard cutouts, people sitting 10 feet apart and no concessions for a beer to watch a game turned being a spectator into a couch sport only.

So here is a list of the 10 worst things from the 2020 season in our opinion.

10.  The fake crowd noise pumped through the television. This reminded us when during the Masters CBS used taped footage of birds to dub in but used birds that weren’t native to Georgia and a keen listener caught them.

9. Well this goes with every year. Joe Buck, when can we get a break and not have his voice pollute our homes on a Sunday

8.  Santa Clara County making the 49ers play home games elsewhere. In year where fans couldn’t attend anyways this didn’t overly hurt the fan base. Just the fact that only one county made a decision that the most heavily Covid regulated sport couldn’t play was a very bad look

7. Players blatantly breaking Covid protocol and messing up our Fantasy Football teams. This happened multiple times throughout the season including the 49ers were limited at wide receiver, the Saints had no running backs while quite candidly.  In Week 12, few people in Fantasy football land probably got hurt by the Denver Donkeys who did not have a Quarterback available, but lets face, it if your starting a Donkey your team sucked anyways

6.   The NFC East, they’re so bad that the team that won the division won’t even use their name.

5. Jets fans, the entire mindset of tanking for Trevor Lawrence (and then couldn’t even get that right). Not that it’s the fact of tanking but actually thinking there is anything out there that can ever make the Jets good again. Namath sold the Jets sole for Super Bowl III

4. This won’t be popular, but football on everyday of the week. I know it was special circumstances but I’m sure that this caused more than its fair share of domestic disturbances for the Police to address.

3. Orchestrated full team defensive celebrations for a simple interception or fumble recovery. The celebration is entirely overplayed, anytime a player does his job it’s a full blown celebration. People really need to watch Barry Sanders and Walter Peyton highlights and see what true class is.

2. Penalty flags for tackling the Quarterback. Last I checked the QB was a football position being played in the game of tackle football. I understand that is the most expensive position , but if your that worried about your QB maybe more should be spent on the offensive line.

1. The worst part of the 2020 NFL season, no tailgating. The great days of parking lot BBQ, side bets, football pools and just the entire feeling of comradery that comes from being able to socialize with one another has been lost.

Yes 2020 was a year unlike any other, and the fact we are still above ground to be able to complain should be looked at in its own form of blessing, I get that. With that said I am ready to get back to the sports bar, the tailgating but most importantly I am ready to watch a playoff season without having to see a Bill Belichick post game interview. A final thought, is it coincidence that the team that fired Belichick is making the playoffs for the first since 2002?

If you have a top 10 list suggestion, I would love to hear it, email me and I might give it a try.

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