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Our 2020 All COVID-19 Hypocrite List

by Burk

It is pretty simple, you issue any type of guidance, rules or orders, one should at the very least follow them. However, lately, it seems like lately those who are elected to lead are essentially doing so in a do as I say, not as I do mentality.

Remember, next time they preach to you that the public should follow the rules, everybody’s mantra should be “you first” or simply flip them the bird. We are all adults and can use good judgement to wear a mask, social distance and wash our hands.

Here is a rundown of the Dirty 13 which we talked about on our latest podcast.

Gavin Newsom, Governor of California
Gavin Newsom may be the face of hypocrisy for 2020. If anything, he has broken the publics trust time after time and screams privilege. By now, the world has seen photographs of the Governor preaching social distancing and wearing a mask, only to be photographed at the French Laundry without a mask and not social distancing—violating his own guidelines, regardless of his explanation or justifications.


Nancy Pelosi’s, US Congress out of California
Just embarrassing, at a time when everyone else was doing their best Joe Dirt impersonation with their hair as salons and barbers were shut down, Pelosi claimed she didn’t know the rules and gave a piss poor explanation of why she was in a salon getting a haircut. She also was going to hold a dinner for newly elected democrats which was ultimately scrapped due to the hypocrisy as lawmkers across the county were preaching indoor gatherings.  She continues to prove why she is a menace to this country and has little to no credibility.


Steve Adler, Mayor of Austin
This guy truly is a special kind of stupid. He was filmed telling people to stay home as he filmed the video while in Cabo San Lucas. The kicker, he was out of the country in Mexico to celebrate his daughters wedding. Oh by the way, he says at the time this happened, there was no restrictions on travel and claims he never broke any rules.  I guess he forgot perception is reality. Full Story


Sheila Kuehl, Los Angeles Supervisor
Her name is Kuehl, well her actions were not very cool. Hours after voting to ban outdoor dining, she dined outdoors herself in Santa Monica. According to FoxLA, the ban impacted 31,000 restaurants in the county.  Oh and during the meeting she called outside dining as “a most dangerous situation” and we must all take it serious—can you say hypocrite!!! Full Story


Michael Hancock, Mayor of Denver
This dork flew to see family in Mississippi to see family for Thanksgiving after urging his constituents to avoid traveling due to COCVID-19.  He even did so the very morning he got on a plane.  This guy is the true meaning of hypocrisy and may even have photograph in the Dictionary next to the word hypocrite.  Perhaps he needs a reality check and a lesson on practice what you preach—or tweet. Full Story


Jim Kenney, Mayor of Philadelphia
Like Ms. “not so cool” above, Kenney issued policies that closed dining in the City of Philadelphia. What does this jerk do? He travels out of the state to go dine in Maryland and was observed with no mask nor social distancing. By the way, while this guy is issuing policies in his city, he is apparently a slow learner because he has already quarentined twice for COVID-19 exposures. Full Story


Muriel Bowser, Mayor of Washington DC
This dope has provided us with a whole new meaning to “essential travel” after she traveled to Delaware for an election night party for newly elected president Joe Biden. She described the reason for traveling as “essential”. Who knew celebrating an election was essential and it was okay to travel back and forth within the same day. Wouldn’t that mean all forms of travel are now essential? This came after new guidelines came out in November for a 14-day quarantine after travel or a negative test. Full Story



London Breed, Mayor of San Francisco
Here is a woman who likes the spotlight and beat the rest of the Bay Area to the news media so she can get on TV and preach for everyone to do their part and follow the rules and recommendations. The only problem, like Newsom, she also was at the French Laundry Restaurant. Although she didn’t technically break any rules, she certainly is a hypocrite.


Dianne Feinstein, US Senator from California
Here is a lady preaching the rules to others only to be caught mask-less time after time around the Capital and airports without a mask.  Also, she has been caught in close proximity with others while even providing hugs to other lawmakers. So much for any credibility from her when it comes to preaching social distancing.


Lori Lightfoot, Mayor of Chicago
Another do as I say not as I do clown who thought as she announced a 30-day lockdown in Chicago and recommending family not get together for Thanksgiving,  was then seen and photographed out in the streets celebrating the election of President Joe Biden without a mask and having a grand old time with a  bullhorn. More info


California Legislators Go to Hawaii
At a time when California was basically shutdown, legislators, consultants and staffers traveled to Hawaii for a conference. Have these jerks forgot of a thing called Zoom?


Sam Liccardo, Mayor of San Jose
Yet another California elected makes the hypocrisy list. There has got to be something in the water in this state. Liccardo spent thanksgiving skirting state health guidelines even after urging the public not to gather with people outside their household. The response after criticism, there is a difference between public and private events. Oh by the way, 8 people from 5 different households were in attendance. More info


Gov. Andrew Cuomo
Like Newsom, Cuomo is on the news more than he should be with his daily updates. Last month, he was planning a family Thanksgiving Dinner that broke his very own rules he was forcing on everyone else. Based on backlash, he eventually cancelled the event.  A little common sense goes a long way Mr. Cuomo.


If you have a COVID-19 Hypocrite we should maybe add to our list, would love to hear it in the comments.


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