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Contra Costa Supervisor Karen Mitchoff off Her Rocker With Business Fines Proposal

by Kenny Turnage II

On Tuesday, local business owners may have reached the F.U. reflex tipping point after a proposal by Contra Costa County Board of Supervisor Karen Mitchoff suggested businesses be fined as much as $20k for non-compliance of the bogus Stay-At-Home Order.

Unless you have been living under a rock, those in California are now tied to some arbitrary number that once ICU bed availability hits 85%, a stay-in-home order goes into effect. Making matters worse, in Contra Costa County, along with the rest of the Bay Area, jumped the Governors order implemented the order by date and not by ICU bed availability.

It is no secret that many police departments are ignoring the Governors order and are focusing on real crime, however, it came out recently that Contra Costa County has fined several gyms for staying open. Mitchoff, who appears frustrated by a business who is willing to pay the fine to stay open, suggested increasing the penalty.

During the meeting, she told people to “stop bitching” and that busines fines needed to be increased anywhere between $10k and $20k per violation after a warning.

Mitchoff fails to realize that for many business owners, we have watched the Governor and unelected health officials play yo-yo with peoples lives and these phony orders. While she has a cushy job at $100k+, many have either been laid off, losing money by the day since they are not open, and have gone weeks without pay.

Mitchoff is an elected who will get a plush paycheck from taxpayers, while others have little choice but to work around the Stay-At-Home Order just to put food on the table. People are not doing this to throw a middle finger at “the man”, they are doing it to survive and support their families.

One thing Mitchoff has forgotten is that one rule when making a threat, you have to threaten someone with something that can hurt them. Threatening to fine a person/business with no money carries zero value.

The only thing this will accomplish is turning law abiding business people into the criminal—which last time I checked, we have laws on the books that are reducing crimes, penalties and enforcement during COVID-19.

Rather than attack businesses and threaten them with silly fines, I would urge more logic to be included in this discussion.

For example, grocery stores and big box stores can checkout hundreds of people in a day, but a hair dresser can’t see several clients?  Somehow, being outdoors and dining is a bad thing, but we can fly on airplanes?

It would be great if these rule and policy makers could actually remove their heads from their butts and see what the common person is dealing with. Yes, we have a virus that is causing illness and death, that has not and is not going to change by selectively closing certain businesses.

At the end of the day, we either we close everything down or have everything open. Mr. Miyagi warned us, if you’re in the middle of the road you will be squashed like a grape!

Karen I would like to speak to your manager!

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